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45 colt deer hunting loads org Dec 05 2019 The vast majority of my 45 Colt handloads over the last 60 years however has been put together with cast bullets. 45 Colt during the early 1870s which was adopted by the U. 45 Colt long colt on deer or have opinions on it 39 s effectiveness Any recommendations on specific loads store bought and custom load for it that would be best I know a . 45 . 3 of 12 DoubleStar C2G DoubleStar s C2G comes equipped with a match grade barrel Novak three dot sights aggressively checkered VZ Gunner grips a Picatinny Apr 09 2018 In this Video we powder coat our bullets load up some test and get some speed results. Whether you are hunting deer elk moose or just want something for protection against animals that bite back this is the best . Speaking of hunting handguns the 10mm is an excellent caliber for medium game hunting. 45 Colt case the Casull chamber can and will Aug 12 2018 As an example the . I just think a . 45 Colt loads. 454 makes a perfectly logical balance of weight recoil and horsepower. I also tested . This same big bullet is a good one for the . PC teated deserving consideration include 330 grain Keith SWC NEI 310 and 280 SWC HP . 50 cal. It is available in The . The moon clips make loading and unloading the 45 ACP ammo very easy and quick. Standard loads are good for animals the size of deer and black bear and the heavier hunting loads will take about the same range of big game animals as the . 45 Colt hunting loads I have no experience with. 45 Colt See page on powder location in case affecting FPS elsewhere on pages Oct 23 2019 . but taking game with Both and having done so at over 60 yards I find no difference in the two. 45 Long Colt ammo We have all the best brands for your firearm at low prices ready to ship right to your door nationwide If you 39 re going to hunt with a 45 Colt what you do is tell the deer that there 39 s a really hot doe that likes him and she 39 s waiting in the alley behind the bar. Will be using an Uberti revolver so it cant be to woofy of a load. 5 grains of Winchester 296 powder. 45 Colt and . 3. 45 Colt and single action revolver are a powerful and useful combination. Sportsman 39 s Guide is your source for all things Ammo and Shooting. May 10 2017 3 . Yup. Jinks as quot the father of big bore handgunning. 0 grains of W231 which delivers over 1000 fps comfortably making an excellent varmint load that would also serve just fine for larger game like javelina coyote antelope and deer. 44 is hard pressed to tell the difference. In older Smiths stick with near factory duplication loads in . It is a scaled down model 86. 45 Colt left loads. they were never a thing in the 19th century I was concerned that the small rim on 45 Colt might not extract well and there would be occasions when the ow Jan 13 2013 45 Colt whether used in a rifle or a pistol uses 45 pistol bullets. Cowboy 4. Search. 45 Colt for accuracy and found it very accurate to 75 yards in my gun. 5 grains of Vihtavuori 3N37 as my standard . This brisk load generates 1345 fps from a 7 1 2 quot Blackhawk and 1731 fps from the Marlin. 45 70 rifle 1886 Winchester to get a deer killed with black powder lead bullet 300 grain loads because of poor placement of the first shot on a running deer. Loads with 185 grain bullets at more than 1 000 fps 200 grain bullets well over 900 fps and 230 grain bullets in the 850 fps range can be tough to shoot. 223 5. Dec 17 2019 Anyone have any first hand experience using 45 colt for deer under 50 yards My buddy says I need to get the hard cast bullets if I 39 m going to use the 45 colt. I prefer these loads to the . People have taken it out to 21. Buffalo Bore manufactures heavy . 16 Nov 2016 Evil could be standing by your truck as you walk back from a successful hunt. 410 to . But sorting the good from the bad can be a pretty overwhelming task. 75in. I shot several deer with it in nbsp 45 Long Colt load for 2009. Aug 01 2018 Current production Ruger Redhawk revolvers are chambered in . Aug 11 2017 Finding a load for the . Personally I like Hardcast loads or Speer 39 s UniCore softpoint hunting version of Gold Dot . Feb 27 2006 The 45 Colt is a very good deer carbine within peep site ranges lt 125 yards . Finally the . With the increased velocity from a rifle and under 100 yards you will have a sledgehammer. 45 Colt with 250 gr LRNFP cast bullets from Missouri Bullet Co. 44 Magnum but less effectively as the bullets of the factory loads move comparatively slowly and have a steep Sep 27 2011 Cowboy Action ammo runs about 750fps while the various defensive and hunting loads push the power and performance level of the . A. 45 ACP as well and bullets for that cartridge can be loaded in the 45 Colt. 45 LC CB and am considering using it at our farm to deer hunt with. Light loads do not break the rules. Due to the fact that the Casull is simply an elongated . 50 140 Sharps and hundreds of recipes especially suited for low velocity lead bullet rifle and pistol loads. My favorite hunting load is a 255 grain Lee flatnose 452 255 RF loaded over 13. I also purchased a 4 quot Redhawk . 45 ACP ball ammo. Wisconsin Ammoland. After over 140 years of activity in the production of a wide range of small calibre ammunition Fiocchi is appreciated in hunting target shooting security and defence fields as well as in specific industry sectors Jun 02 2008 The Standard load of a 255 gr. This was a welcome wake up call for me nbsp man so I figure either load would do well on a 100 150 lb. This is THE load for big critters using your . The better hunting loads for this caliber are not hard as a rock but somewhat soft 50 50 ww to pure lead with 2 tin added. 357 Magnum . 45 Long Colt . 5 grns or 2400 and a cci350 primer Ruger T C load only Sub 2 quot at 100 in my Bisley BH This and a 250 HC Berry Bullet over 16. New quot Old quot Vaquero 45 Colt for deer. 44WCF and would like to try it out for woods hunting. Jul 17 2015 The model 92 was one of the many rifles that John Browning designed in his lifetime. Aug 16 2020 However based on personal experience if you plan to do any handgun hunting with your . A deer hit with a . 62 39 there are more hunting ammo loads on the market than you might realize. LEVERevolution represents a breakthrough in ammo design for lever action rifles and revolvers. 45 long colt is an adequate deer stopper Especially when you take into consideration that today 39 s modern . 45 Colt then you might want to explore the options for jacketed soft nosed bullets. Save your brass and reload or find a buddy to reload them for you. Nobody has mentioned that by industry standards 45 colt operates at an average of 14000 psi and 44 mag operates at 36000 psi. She uses a 4 3 4 quot Seville and the handload is a 260 Keith cast at 900 fps. The cast bullet is not considered hard but neither is it soft. 45 Auto Rim and the . HSM Bear Ammunition is loaded with high quality dependable components delivering drastically higher velocities when compared to standard loads. Even whacked a couple with 9mm and half a dozen with various loads in the 38 special. 16 Nov 2014 45 Colt will take deer easily they are thin skinned and easy to kill. 50 caliber break open No. The classic 454424 is a special bullet to me. These bullets can be lubed on the bullet sizer or tumbled in Alox. Ralston. This bullet is very effective for hunting because of the reliable expansion of the hollow cavity PowerJacket design and trademark Sierra accuracy. 17. It shoots really well these shots were sighting it in very quickly I am going to load up some 45 colt using 225 Hornady Flex tip anyone have a good load for 2400 powder. 45 70 Government hunting ammunition read this article Best . 452 230 gr. It began as a It is used as a hunting load on animals the size of deer and black bear. Details. lt Zant should just go ahead and load 39 em. Sep 09 2019 Henry s Long Ranger is the best lever action for hunting medium to large game at ranges only dreamed of with older lever guns. 41 Rem. 45 70 Ammo For Hunting Deer Bear Moose amp Other Big Game. Thanks for any advice I 39 m still new to this reloading stuff. Apr 04 2012 . For cast as far as I 39 m concerned the PREMIER cast bullet for me is the Ranch Dog 460 350GC loaded with a stout charge of H322 . I used to load a lot of 250 grain SWC over 10 grains of Unique for my Old Model Blackhawk. 5 250 gr. The key to its innovation and performance is the patented elastomer Flex Tip technology of the FTX and MonoFlex Jun 02 2008 The Standard load of a 255 gr. The greatest downside to 45 70 is the cost to shoot it. We also carry 45 Long Colt ammunition. SEE AT GUNS. 45 acp is a man stopper then for sure a modern day . 2 inch barrels. 45 70 is capable of excellent accuracy in the right hands. Good luck and have fun EDIT TO ADD if you shoot the high pressure loads for Ruger only get the xtp mag bullets. out to 50 yards making it a perfectly viable choice for deer black bear and hogs. 450 will really put a wallop on your shoulder. Most of these loads should be good safe loads for deer hunting . Dec 04 2011 Several great loads were developed with the traditional 250 and 255 grain lead bullets. 45 blank loads manufactured by Colt and the In this form the . The modern sport of cowboy action shooting has resulted in . The Oct 27 2007 ive heard that the 45long colt would work for deer but only if they are loaded very hot and used in a ruger i dont have a ruger and i do have the H amp R hartford single action some say that they wont handle quot hunting quot loads others say they will i was goin to use a mild load like a 230 cast flat point at or around 1100fps goin to be shots under 50yds before goin out and buyin every thing just Nov 13 2008 I hate to be non responsive but I don 39 t use factory ammo in the . 45 Colt can be loaded up hot and it 39 s more than enough for deer. Okay now you know what cartridges not to choose for deer hunting. 35 cal. . Traditions . 41 Magnum . 5 Inch PDX1 Defender Combo Pack 20 Box I have 6 rifles chambered in . 25 quot barrel that shoots . The Super Redhawk came along in 1987 and was even stronger in order to handle the more powerful . When I m hunting or just in the mood my favorite in the recent past has been a 45 Colt Bowen custom 5 1 2 Redhawk shooting our 365LFR load lots of power and easier on unprotected ears than 44 330 P or 45 405RHO . Description. My question is would anyone know how capable factory ammo CCI Blazer 200 grain Remington 250 grain SWC or the reloads 6 grains Red Dot 250 grain lead flat nose 830 fps would be against hogs or to use for hunting white tail deer Feb 20 2012 I 39 m looking for a good . H110 is a good max pressure powder for the 45 Colt. 8 Dec 2017 The . 410 plastic wads 8 shot and Bullseye powder. Besides that no one I know of around my area carries black powder. 44 Magnum factory loads which are admittedly conservative have a TKO factor only slightly higher at 17. It was a cold cold day with a heavy Barnes VOR TX Handgun Line of ammunition features the proven Barnes XPB Bullet. 357 in a carbine Jan 24 2007 I 39 d recommend a . One can shoot 45 long colt rounds and the other can shoot 45ACP rounds you simply switch cylinders. 44 Special and . Interested in hunting loads. 44 Magnum. 5 gr H110 for a 260 gr jhp in 45 Colt Ruger loads. 700 ft lbs. 9 Jul 2008 My big bore revolver deer load is a 250 grain caset SWC at about 900 This is my favorite hunting load for my 45 Colt a Bowen customized nbsp 25 Nov 2016 Considering that the . I load 444 Marlin brass . I want to use it for some deer hunting and just general nbsp 19 Oct 2007 I thought I needed Ruger loads in the 45 Colt to make a go of deer hunting. or 6. We strive to ship your order within 2 business days but have been seeing significant USPS delays in some areas that we can not contol. If you are interested in the most recent data for cartridges and or bullet weights styles not listed on this page contact Barnes Consumer Service department to inquire about recommended loads and approximate timing for the data to be made available via email at customerservice barnesbullets. Here handgun hunting expert Apr 02 2018 The . 44 Magnums of the same brands are of magnum size frames. Dec 06 2017 45 Long colt loads. Also had a Colt 3 rd gen with 51 2 in that was a pleasure to shoot with that load. . An elegant carbine chambered for pistol calibers. in all that time i 39 ve only found one load that shot true point of aim with any kind of accuracy. being the most Sep 15 2018 Lyman book loads for this weight cast bullet in 45 Colt are applicable and are formidable hunting loads. I am loading a Hornady 300 grain FTX on top of 20. 223 Rifle Acknowledgements. COM FROM 818 Savage 99 Standard pressure . is very accurate and its a great gun to shoot but I don 39 t take it deer hunting. See full list on americanhunter. 45 Colt loads should generate no more than an average of 14 000 CUP P . Part of our Some smaller and specialty manufacturers offer . 00 4 The 45 Colt hunting load was a 250 Grain Hornady hollow point bullet at 1700 fps from the 24 barrel on the 92 Daly. BlueMountain Registered. I really like my lever guns also have a early JM guide gun in 45 70 and also one in 450 Marlin. 452 . 45 Colt . I would also consider using the Black Hills 300 gr JHP . 45 Colt for deer hunting If you enjoyed reading about quot . It all starts with the right 45 Colt Pistol Brass. Winchester offers nbsp Hes planning to hunt pigs this fall using his Uberti made Winchester The load data tables for . from a 7 1 2 quot Colt Single Action and are exceptionally accurate especially in a Smith amp Wesson Model 24. Hello. 45 Colt Cowboy loads up to potent standard pressure self defense and hunting loads. 45 LC loads for hunting quot here in the FamilyFriendsFirearms. S. and . The paper ballistics seem pretty anemic but I have read a few accounts of good results on deer at woods ranges. 357 Magnum as well as the later . cant wiat to try it on deer but got t get one with my 35 remmy first. If you reload id go 45 colt load down for defense 200 1000fps up up UP for hunting barnes XPB is awesome . 45 Colt 180 Grain RNFP Brinell 12 For Cowboy Action Velocities Price per box of 500 Price 43. An accurate cartridge the . Aug 06 2018 Unlike the 19th century now there are modern lever action carbines chambered for the . with the . Load it with slower burning powder and you can get well above that. I don 39 t know anyone that uses . Or so I have read. It should be noted that this gun is not rated for P P I 39 ve killed deer with both in 45 70 39 s and 450 Marlin 39 s with understandably excellent results . It is lightweight and well balanced and I can easily see it as a backwoods hunting rifle. I 39 ve shot a few deer with . The 45 Colt landed squarely in the keeper category and it beat out the . Reloading The . 44 Magnum to do this. Some early 45 Colt revolvers were made for bullets of . 45 Colt is kind of Apples to oranges. is 1. 45 COLT Keith 39 s early load was an extremely powerful 22. 44 Mag . Uberti Firearms 1873 Cat Bird Head 45 Colt Revolver 344691 482. 44 Magnum as a cast bullet hunting round but there are other fine rounds for game in this class like the . . 45 70 Government Kim Ralston took this Maine black bear at 45 yards using a Freedom Arms Model 97 . 5 grains of HS 6 for about 1000 fps out of my Rugers. 45 Colt deer hunting bullet doesn 39 t make two holes in the deer nbsp 16 Dec 2011 I do however have a box of . Browning one of America 39 s most prolific and talented gun and cartridge designers. It s like two guns in one and some people will appreciate that. fire off 6 rounds of this and see what your hand feels like. gt Get your 45 Long Colt Ammo from our friends at AmmunitionToGo. For your purpose on the trail of deer the anneal provided by powder coating PC adds punch through soft skin. At 100 long paces mine is about a 4 inch rifle with any bullet and that includes Load Data. 45 Colt has long been a popular revolver cartridge and more recently it has been adapted to lever action carbine replicas but due to the pressure limitations of such firearms there has been a pressing need for a modern high performance hunting and field load that was suitable for use in these guns. 45 Colt loads in a Ruger revolver. The original 45 Colt loads using black powder ran around 950 to 1000 fps. 410 revolver great 4 hunting loads rifled slugs and the popular PDX1 . massive hollow nosed 12 BHN cast bullet with a gas check traveling at the below velocities out of stock real world over the counter firearms. You can take deer with them but you will have to be on your game when it comes to tracking. 380 Guns and Hunting 21 replies Deer Hunting. 357 Magnum if you don 39 t reload. bullet in the original guns. 45 Colt ammunition is available in two distinct Oct 13 2017 The deer was walking in an 11 to 5 o clock direction relative to my tree stand thus necessitating a quartering toward shot at a steep angle. 45 Colt Kirst Konverter. 38 Long Colt . 45 Colt LC Long Colt bullets travel 1. 45 Colt are copies of the old Colt Single Action Army and are not built for heavy handloads. 460 Smith amp Wesson Magnum. There are a wide range of bullet styles and weights available for the cartridge it s a delight for any reloader. 357 Magnum was introduced it was the most powerful handgun cartridge on the market. 45 Colt to the range for accuracy testing. Dec 08 2017 The . lbs. My wife has taken around 6 antelope and 5 mule deer with her . 45 Colt loaded to this general power level and have no complaints at ranges of about 40 yards and under. I 39 d go with a 30 30 if you want to hunt deer and be a good shot with your rifle. 45 Long Colt to hunt deer in an Any Weapon season. Mar 08 2018 Oldtime black bear hunters say that any load that throws at least a 200 grain or bigger solid bullet at 1000 fps or more will take any bear in the woods. In my Hodgdon manual there is a section of loads for T C and Rugers in 45 Colt . Millions of deer have been harvested by the 30 30 in every brand of lever gun. It is essentially a medium cast hardness with a BHN Brinell Hardness Number of 12. sized at . 45 colt is a rather short and heavy bullet and manufacturers complete inability to decide on a twist rate just further complicates the matter. 255 grain Buffalo Bore loads were running 1400 FPS out of that gun. All Bang flop. of FFg blackpowder with a patched round ball. 574. Jun 01 2008 The . 45 Colt made ammunition regularly available. I am assuming it is a modern lever gun since it is a 45 colt. Never shot one much over 50 yards but I also never recovered a bullet 45 hole in and 45 hole exit. 45 Win Mag in a 10 inch Contender Jan 10 2016 I have personally taken about 10 antelope and 1 mule deer with a . Jan 25 2020 Obviously the lever gun is right at home in the hunting fields. Gas checked linotype bullets can be shot up to 2300 fps perhaps a little more. Aug 04 2012 With P hunting ammo it could. We don t know how many gunfights in the old west centered on which load but since U. 45 Colt but only lists the . I own several deer rifles and reload for about 20 more 22 250 through . The author prefers the Ruger GP100 with a 6 inch barrel for his deer hunting. 45 Long Colt for deer. I think you 39 ll agree with me when I say that there are a ton of . Apr 06 2019 with modern loads out of modern the . Best ammunition for pistols and handguns for sale. For hygiene reasons underwear and mouth calls may only Apr 24 2011 The 45 colt also needs to be loaded hot for deer not all of the revolvers chambered for it are rated for hot loads. 45 Colt 6RD. AMMO amp DRY nbsp . 357 or 45 colt is the only real option based on your parameters. 00. Buffalo nbsp 9 Jun 2014 I want to hunt deer this fall using my Uberti 1873 45 Colt lever action rifle. If one 39 s primary purpose in this caliber is hunting I 39 d go with either a full house . 450 Bushmaster and . I have 250 grain lead RNFP. This segment really is the story of two Finally this last load is only to be used in the Ruger . The overall all length with the Lee Flat Nose . 45 Colt Redhawk is an excellent vehicle for Heavy Duty Hunting Loads and now can be carried so much easier and in fact it becomes one of the easiest packin 39 portable powerful double action sixguns for those hiking backpacking or fishing in bear country. 452 and loaded the same as the pure lead ones. Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities hunting ammo shooting target ammo and personal defense ammo. 56 as a deer hunting caliber. 45 LC 39 s reputation as a manstopper and until the . 5 inch and 7. 45 LC is a poor choice for deer hunting. Karl. 45 Colt with a 250 grain bullet at 800 fps will kick more than a . All you need are good sights such as a red dot. Its handy size is punctuated by a quick pointing straight grip stock design and Old West styled adjustable semi buckhorn sights. 454 Casull. 45 COLT is an easy caliber to reload nothing tricky about it. When he created the . 5in blackhawk when I loaded it with modern black powder . 44. 44 mag or . In its original form the . Winchester offers rifle ammo shotgun ammo and handgun ammo. 45 colt and plan to load some faster high pressure rounds for it to use this hunting season. 401 Powermag . I plan on hunting for Deer and Elk this fall and would like to take them with my newly aquired . The load is slightly lighter than a 3 quot . H110 1. quot This load is designed as the world s premier deer load for the 45 Colt P. Aug 24 2015 I recently received a Rossi R92 rifle in . Elmer Merrifield Keith March 8 1899 February 14 1984 was an Idaho rancher firearms enthusiast and author. Plain based linotype bullets should handle up to 1600 1700 fps. Buffalo Bore makes some pretty hot 45 colt loads. 30 round but once you get up into buckshot slugs and defensive loads prices are equivalent to . The loads using the new WW 572 need to be brought up as well as some of the Unique loads. Jul 30 2007 Re Velocity Requirements for 250 Grain XTP on Deer 45 Colt All of my Ruger and FA . 357 Magnum round averages out to 530 ft lb while a . I haven 39 t got into reloading yet so I am still using factory ammo or gun show reloads. Several two barrel derringers are sold that are chambered in . 537 ft lbs 20 Round Box. Dec 21 2008 Colt M4 Carbine 5. the . Login. If you do or plan on reloading the . 5 times the speed of a 737 airplane at cruising speed while . 45 Colt sixguns. I used to shoot heavy bullets in a . 357 39 s You can kill a Deer with small calibers going slow if the shot is close and well placed. It is no secret and most books and manufacturers recommend the same loads. July 28 2020 Please be prepared for USPS delivery delays. 45 Colt load to be the world s premier deer load and I m sure not going to pick a fight with Sundles over this I believe him At an impact velocity of 1 100 feet this bullet will mushroom to about . 45 Colt Lead Hard Cast Bullets. 45 Colt hunting load My Lyman Black Powder Handbook lists a Pyrodex P load that I think will be suitable for my needs but I would like to hear other opinions. Any loads for red dot green dot blue dot unique universal longshot or clays These are the powders that I use in my shotguns and hoped for a good . The deer collapsed instantly. FWIW the Trail Boss load if it is safe is probably enough for deer within reasonable range. Bullet at around 700 fps. I have a Ruger Blackhawk in . Hunted with a S amp W 25 5 when I was going through a handgun hunting phase. 44 Special that he shot from his single and double action revolvers in the 1930s. This is a discussion on Strong new load for my Henry . com The Henry Big Boy rifles have been around for many years chambered in . The history of the . 357 Magnum is easier to find off the shelf especially loads more appropriate for hunting. P Jacketed Soft Point Ammo. They use a 4 3 4 quot Colt SA and the handload is a 260 Keith cast at 900 fps. Forgot Password middot Register. 45 ACP too. 45 Colt P loads are safe in all LARGE FRAME Ruger revolvers. Uberti Firearms 1873 El Patron 4. com lt Blazer Ammunition Ballistics The load you quote is a little lighter than the original . 410 tasted everything from low recoil . com archive you 39 ll LOVE nbsp 15 Nov 2017 Iowa hunters will have a new option this fall while hunting deer during the youth season Only rifles shooting straight wall ammunition . Federal s old 158 grain 357 jacketed softpoint averaged 1729 fps from the 16 Rossi and 1173 fps from the Colt. 38 Special . 45 ACP loads are heavier than many folks can handle in lightweight . I wouldn 39 t trust it to punch through a quartering away deer and it may have a bit of trouble with a hit in the shoulder at ranges over 60 yards or so. There are loads in the 160 to 200 grain range that can be used for small game or target practice 200 to 225 grains for self defense 250 to 260 grains for hunting game such as deer and you can even choose bear stoppers in the 300 to 325 grain spectrum. Cowboy 8 Hi Tek. 44 Magnum 44 Auto Mag or a . Choosing your case is a critical step in reloading so let Midsouth help you get the 45 Colt pistol brass for reloading you need at the best price from brands like Hornady Magtech Remington and more Sep 13 2010 It 39 s my understanding that the . Jul 18 2018 These are our top seven choices for . 41 and then a . But ya don 39 t want to use these loads in great grand dads Peacemaker Only in heavily built MODERN guns. 44 40 factory load I recently picked up a 1913 model 1892 sporting rifle in . Comparison shop for 45 colt ammunition Hunting amp Archery Equipment in Sports Equipment amp Outdoor Gear. I believe they 39 re 225g or I have the all lead flat nose practice rounds that are going 850fps and weigh 250g. quot quot This is 45 Long Colt Corbon Hunter 300gr. Jul 13 2009 The easiest answer that does consistently well in 45 Colt for Deer is a heavy flat nose bullet that doesn 39 t even need sizing to shoot well. With registered Thompsons 10 quot standard barrel we can get around 1000 FPS with standard . 45 Colt Ammo at the best prices around Check out our . Mar 07 2011 Shooting anything over 240 250 grain in a 45 Colt load for hunting to me seems a bit silly if you want 300 grain bullets get a . 45 Colt lends itself particularly to a well designed cast bullet. A. Again using 255 grain factory loads at 860 fps the . It is a little hot for the revolver and a little cool for the rifle. 223 Guns and Hunting 36 replies Colt pricing help. Examples of firearms now legal for the southern part of the state include but are not limited to a . 45 Colt along with 2 Colt SAAs and 2 replicas. Caliber 45 Colt Bullet Wt 265 Grain WFNGC Velocity 950 fps No. I worked with three different loads Hornady 185 grain Critical Defense Winchester 225 grain PDX and Fiocchi 250 grain LRN cowboy ammo. 45 Colt WC WadCutter SWC Semi WadCutter HP Hollow Point RN Round Nose FMC Full Metal Case FMJ Full Metal Jacket JHP Jacketed Hollow Point and if GC indicated means Gas Check at bottom of lead bullet Loads for . We knew that we could develop a couple standard pressure 45 colt loads that would feature a 255gr. 460 S amp W. 45 Colt can be loaded down to soft shooting cowboy loads or pushed to the limit for heavy hunting applications. I used it to take my first handgun critter a cow elk in Idaho as well as numerous whitetail deer. All of today 39 s standard 45 colt loads are very anemic. 5 grains of 2400. Anyone hunt deer with the 45 LC in a rifle What 39 s a good factory load Walker is a hunter and one of the best rifle shots I know he 39 s won the WV Off Hand And we figured we should both be able to take a deer with each rifle. I originally killed deer with a 7 1 2 inch Ruger Blackhawk with adjustable sights but have since switched to the fixed sighted Ruger Vaquero 5 1 2 inch. Large diameter Lead going slow up close is effective on Deer. They are my choice for everyday use and also for hunting larger tougher game. Henry has stated it will take P as it 39 s the same receiver for 44 mag. My Colt SAA kicks a bit with this load but it breaks 980 fps in the 4 inch Colt and 1011 fps in a 5 inch barrel Ruger. A normal cowboy load using the 45 Colt runs around 750 fps. It began as a black powder revolver round developed for the Colt Single Action Army revolver but is offered as a magnum level handgun hunting round in modern usage. Keith was instrumental in the development of the first magnum revolver cartridge the . In the 45 Colt I usually use H4227 or Lil Gun . 452 Diameter. 50 VORTEK Pistol Ups Muzzleloading Pistol Performance The slick . 357 Mag will should do the trick but not sure on this caliber load. 45 Winchester Magnum The. lead bullets at a max. Going up to 22. This is a hunting load using a 225 grain LeverEvolution Flex Tip FTX bullet. The key to its innovation and performance is the patented elastomer Flex Tip technology of the FTX and MonoFlex bullets. My plan is to use this load for South Dakota s deer season come November. 450 is like a 45 70 magnum. The effective range of the cartridge is also quite a bit longer than many people probably think at first. Cart 0 items middot Total 0. 5 inch barrel. I would be looking for a Ruger Blackhawk non bisley loaded with 300 gr bullets somewhere around or above 1000fps at the muzzle. 45 Long Colt cartridge as well. P. 30 Carbine is hopelessly outclassed by most rifle rounds it is more powerful than many pistol rounds that are also popular deer hunting cartridges such as the . as nbsp 45 Colt P DEER GRENADE Field Proven pistol and handgun ammo. 45 Colt case head blew off with this load. what are your favorite 45 colt loads and bullets for hunting after seeing a really big buck the other day I got the sudden urge to start hunting more often with a revolver. 357 caliber or larger. Same is true for 45 70. and have for some 7 8 years now always using either Titegroup or Trail Boss. of Rounds 20. With modern bullets modern powder and modern actions a lever gun is a useful tool in any hunting situation. 0 grains of W296 sparked with a CCI 350 primer. I 39 m hoping to use it as a brush gun for deer hogs and maybe bear on the east coast at ranges of 100yds or less. 6 to 7. ITEM 3K. See store ratings and reviews and find the best prices on 45 colt ammunition Hunting amp Archery Equipment with Shopzilla 39 s shopping search engine. Both loads go over 1200 fps. 45 Colt makes a good hunting load within its range limitations. These fed well were extremely accurate and again were just a joy to shoot out of the Henry. USA AmmoLand. Even the cowboy 45 Colt loads kill deer easy when you put the bullet in the vitals. Cowboy shooters often load down to 700 fps or so. 45 AR but does a great job in the . 223 Remington 60 62 gr. 45 Colt case. 45 Colt they all do well with Keith style SWCs and cast HPs on deer sized game. These Heavy . 5 grains of 2400 under a 260 grain 454424 Lyman bullet CCI 300 primers out of my 25 39 s with complete satisfaction. 454 inch diameter. 45 colt hunting loads 45 colt hunting loads Jan 09 2016 I fired the Redhawk with a variety of 45 ACP and 45 Colt ammunition from standard pressure 45 ACP through P loads and with both standard pressure and heavy 45 Colt Magnum loads. Discussion Starter 1 Jun The . 45 Colt load is capable of 1450fps. They currently offer this in 357 mag 44 mag and 45 Colt which is the one I have. 44 Remington Magnum produces more energy than the . I have killed many many rabbits hares grouse woodcock snipe squirrels pheasant ducks and is the gun I carry on my quot walkaround quot hunting excursions. 357 Magnum 358156GC and the . We 39 d like to personally and specifically thank Pat Childs at Fin amp Feather in Iowa City as he not only Mar 27 2015 The first was Winchester 225 grain PDX which is Winchester s self defense load in . 454 Casull and . COM FROM 818 Savage 99 Developed as a load to protect hunters while hunting or traveling in bear country this American made ammunition is sure to keep you safe with its extreme terminal performance and stopping power. Both Winchester and Federal Fusion make 123 grain soft point ammo for hunting and many people report good results with these. Some informal target shooting shows that most of those bullets shoot well and are accurate. 45 Colt carbines being offered for the first time. 45 ACP ammo choices out there that claim to be great for personal protection. Probably the best source for information about what ammo can be fired in what gun is to look at the warnings on the ammunition boxes from ammunition manufactures. 45 70 isn 39 t even legal in most places for thick skinned dangerous game lacking sufficient muzzle energy. I have 2 accurate loads just wondering which would be best for deer. 45 colt hunting loads The ability to use higher pressure loads is the big advantage though between 45 colt loads and 44 rem power is where I would draw the line. 45 Colt Bisley or Freedom Arms or custom five shot . com store 45 Colt 225 gr FTX LEVERevolution Thanks Brad that is what I was thinking the Leverloution ammo I wouldn 39 t choose to hunt with it but that 39 s just me I don 39 t like tracking deer very far. 45lc to hunt deer with a revolver. 45 ACP load makes Dec 09 2018 I traded 2 pistols for this Henry rifle in 45 Colt I put a scope on it to deer hunt with my daughter is using my 45 70 all 120 pounds of her lol. Nov 17 2014 In it 39 s most anemic loading the . next week i 39 ll have one of the new super Blackhawks in 454casull 45colt I will just be shooting 45colt and would like some good accurate loads for deer and hogs. 45 Colt something like 230 gr. 45 Colt loads the 750 fps 250 grain Cowboy Action load nbsp 45 Colt To deer or not to deer The Guns. Heavier nbsp 45. Not Eligible for Return Due to safety considerations and legal regulatory reasons Ammunition Guns Gun Powder Primers and Treestands may not be returned. 460 Rowland. It is used as a hunting load on animals the size of deer and black bear. Gun 1 38 55 Custom 94 The 45 Colt hunting load was a 250 Grain Hornady hollow point bullet nbsp Lastly for the loads for hunting I will of course jump in at minimum but If your . 5 Mannlicher and unlike those three it doesn 39 t have a century of heritage in African Dangerous game. 45 Colts. Safe to use I have personally taken about 10 antelope and 1 mule deer with a . FFg blackpowder. The original conical bullet found in black powder 45 Colt loads from the 1870s is very close to the Lyman 454190 and the RCBS 45 255 FN. 45 LC Magnum loads that approach the power levels of the . Using bullets from Sierra Jacketed HP Speer Jacketed HP Sierra Jacketed HC Hornady Jacketed HP XTP Cast 454190 Cast 452664 Cast 452424. 454 Casull or one of the other Big Handgun Calibers where you have the capability to safely push those heavy honkin bullets to faster velocities. In terms of cartridge handguns its load of Triple7seven most closely compares with Elmer Keith s loads in the . Aug 23 2011 45 colt loads 850 fps 45 colt sammi spec hunting loads best 45 70 handloads best 45 colt load data best cowboy loads for the 45 long colt best handloads for the . A lot of cowboy shooters use light bullets with light loads that are a little slower. The . Feb 18 2015 Last week I took the Ruger Blackhawk in . Pure lead is 4 and most hard cast bullets range from 15 to 25. 45 Colt semi jacketed hollow point loads put venison in the freezer and on my table plenty of times. Jan 02 2018 As many shooters know the . 0 grains. 45 Colt Hollow Point at the guaranteed lowest prices Use our . WORK UP to 19 260 19. 45 Colt with 5. Any of you guys shot any whitetails with the . I went to a friends property at the foot of the Swan Mountain range in Northwest Montana. I have a 7. 45 70 Government 325 gr FTX LEVERevolution Item 82747 20 Box US Patent 9 513 092 8 413 587 8 161 885 7 380 502. Password. 45 Colt 180 Grain RNFP Brinell 12 For Cowboy Action Velocities Hi Tek 2 Extreme Coating Price per box of 500 Price 47. Use top 45 Colt loads for hunting and such but lesser loads for fun small game pests and varmints. The blackhawk with a 10 quot barrel in either . Amongst my cowboy action shooting buddies a fair number use that cal in their rifles and those that talk about it say they go for close shots lt 50yds on smallish WT 39 s. Handgun Hunter Magazine publishes a large volume of member provided articles on handguns hunting shooting reloading optics and other outdoor related subjects. With modern loads the . 45 Colt and took a nice buck this past hunting season. E. Energy. 45 Long Colt. Apr 19 2017 Want other opinions on . Feb 16 2010 I have been looking for a hunting load for my Taurus Gaucho . Many . Jacketed would be 452 diameter. The other truth is the terminal effect on either an animal or human doesn t change much between those two numbers. Nov 09 2011 That following fall I managed to fill a doe tag with the quot Hawkeye quot and the same load at about 45 yards. Some of us also load those handguns with a 240 to 325 grain 15 Brindell Often marketed as a magnum handgun hunting round one of the most common uses of . Specializing in heavy weight for caliber gas checked bullets. 357 Magnum 10mm Auto and . 9200. Probably because for me the attraction of a handgun is its ability to be emptied one handed in a pinch. 75 inch 4. May 01 2016 I load the . 45 Colt would serve better. but the military adoption of the . These bullets generally just go in a 45 Colt and the as cast size usually takes 1 2 pounds more push to chamber than a drop in factory load fit and that is ideal for cast bullet fit. 48x35R cartridge is a handgun cartridge dating to 1872. 45 Colt. When I 39 m hunting with a Contender these cast HPs are generally . 41 if standard factory loads are compared 800 ft lbs. But I shot plenty with 44 mag 41 mag 45 ACP 357 44 special and 45 colt. 45 Long colt. 45 Colt makes a bigger hole and pushes heavier bullets easier. Why I ve hot rodded both cartridges in suitable guns and killed game with both of them. The 30 30 with a 20 quot barrel is a better choice if you are going to use factory ammo. military in 1873 along with the Colt Single Action Army revolver. 44 40 WCF . 45 Colt quot Deer Grenade quot a 260 gr bullet with an advertised velocity of 1890 fps out of a 20 quot barrel I 39 m currently leaning towards this cartridge . and that was a commercial round winchester 39 s 250 grain lead round nose ammo. 45 Colt Marlin mirrors the performance of the . 5 stainless Blackhawk that I used to hunt with back in the last century. If you want a little lighter load then 6 gr of Unique works The Mangiafico 410 45 Colt is a pistol which can be used to hunt small to medium sized game such as Cinnamon Teals or Roe Deer. Seems that isn 39 t the case. 45 Colt cartridge is a handgun cartridge dating to 1872. Dec 06 2009 I regularly use 18. Maximum firepower bullets. FWIW I had a 4 . 38 Spl off the shelf for it to plink with. Being the toggle link nbsp 12 Dec 2011 Does anyone have a good Deer hunting load for the . 09 while select standard pressure handloads containing 280 grain bullets pushed to 950 fps factor at 17. 45 ACP self defense ammo. potential for the hunting handgun that may be asked to do a tough killing job. There are not a lot of lightweight bullets for the . Selections from . To say I 39 m enamored with the cartridge is an understatement The rifle include a Rossi 1892 w 20 quot octagon 2 Uberti 1873 one 24 quot octagon one w a 18 quot octagon a Marlin 1894 with cut down Octagon 17 quot bbl a Uberti 1860 and a Miroku 1885 w a 20 quot round octagon One would be a S amp W Mountain Gun and the other would be a Ruger Redhawk of some flavor probably the new one with the 4. I 39 m looking for some proven loads for this pistol. Current . 45s. Many people will ask me what loads I use for deer. Both perform quite well and since my guns have the sights unaltered the 250 gr bullets hit to point of When solid cases came along with less powder capacity the charge was dropped to 17. BUFFALO BORE 39 S DEER GRENADE 45 COLT P is a 260gr. It 39 s tough to beat the good ol 39 . I load the . I will be shooting at the most out to 125 yards. Dropping at 245 grains it works wonderfully in the . 45 Auto. deer. Make no mistake the . 45 Colt can handle deer pigs and black bears at closer ranges. Mar 31 2017 So the state I live in is about to pass probably hunting regulation that will allow us to use straight walled pistol cartridges in a rifle for purposes of deer hunting during our regular shotgun only season. Apr 17 2009 Ammunition to go has 45 Long Colt Corbon Hunter 300gr. 45 Colt load. 00 0 A. That 45 colt has a huge potential that is not met with standard factory loads. Corbon has given the 45 COLT cartridge hunting loads worthy of the designation P. 50 caliber VORTEK pistol Sep 08 2014 Strong new load for my Henry . 458 I have been hunting for many years now and I have yet to find a better deer cartridge then the 6. Joined Dec 2 2012 9 168 Posts . 45 Colt a pet load is 9. 45 Colt with 7 1 2 quot bbl Starting with minimum. I had a 71 2 in Ruger that worked well. While the . 32 20 Winchester . In days long past big caliber slow movers killed many American Bison Elk and other larger game. 2 times that same speed. If these are defensive weapons and not hunting weapons I would be okay in using the 45 colt as a backup for bears but not with your pressure restrictions and not necessarily on full blown grizzly bears. Also with most 45 Colt lever action rifles the blowback caused by the straight wall 45 Colt case and oversized chambers would cause a lot of extra cleanup with black powder. The only brass that is made to the same pressures is starline so I would strongly caution against any very hot loads in 45 colt with other manufacturers brass. Other features of the website include a very active forum and member photo galleries to upload photos of their latest game trophy or their newest handgun in the collection. FFFg blackpowder and for a . That is to say . 45 Colt considerably higher. Online shopping from a great selection of discounted 45 COLT Lever Action at Sportsman 39 s Outdoor Superstore. I also like Federal 39 s Castcore but I don 39 t think they have that in 45 Long Colt. Most of the load results were taken from a 5 5. 45 Colt and some of these derringers can chamber a . military and produced similar performance to military . 45 Colt I feel the . Remember a medium load of 1600 fps for a 300 grain bullet from a 45 long Colt rifle at acceptable pressure with the right powdersand that can give 1700 lbs of muzzle May 06 2013 Hunting with . 45 colt with a 300 grain hard cast bullet over a max load of H 110 will shoot thru any deer with a handgun. ITEM 3F. I should add that my hunting is going to be very limited this year due to health nbsp 12 Dec 2008 Hey guys I was wondering if any of you use standard pressure 45 colt loads to deer hunt with. 45 ACP . Larger calibers carry more energy and can extend range and the most popular selections for revolvers are the . 45 Colt cartridge remains in use 147 years after its introduction. 44 Magnum . I used to kill deer regularly with an old 45 ACP Colt 1911A1 WWII bring back with a cast 200 gr SWC pushed by 7 grs Unique which should have ran around 900ish fps. Each manufacturer may very. Often featuring a 250 gr. This ammo when used in a strong enough revolver is also fit for close encounters of the big bear kind. 45 Colt 200 Grain RNFP Brinell 12 For Cowboy View Important Delivery Info. If you go too light with H110 you 39 ll get inconsistent velocities and dirty incomplete burning. 45 Auto really began with the . 45 Colt 200gr. 41 or . 45 Colt load at 1 200 fps mv is a potent load and should be plenty for any Feb 23 2019 You could use the long barrel without the stock as a legal deer hunting handgun in Ohio. 45 Colt handload in the right gun should work fine and has. And you can buy . Some of the all time classics are 9 grs of Unique with a 250 gr cast I use this load every week it will handle deer amp is a great everyday plinking load. It 39 s hard to find a bad load with such bullets but they favored True Blue AA 5 and Vihtavuori N 350 to name a few. Would it be possible to tone these down and still have reliable loads The new . 45 Long Colt revolvers and some derringers generally for collections or self defense that are chambered for the . 45 Colt as approved for use in a rifle. Apr 11 2013 I have come up with a round that I think will do just about anything that you can do with a . There are over 25 cartridges shown including everything from the . A couple of loose 45 Long Colt rounds in your pocket could come nbsp I just bought a new Ruger Bisley with a 7. 209 primer ignition pistol shown in the snow scene at the very top of this page and in the photo at right is the . 45 Long Colt ammo We have all the best brands for your firearm at low prices ready to ship right to your door nationwide No change in pressures or point of impact were apparent and the load remained an excellent one for both hunting and defense. 5 . Great rifle and never have had an issue shooting with 8 grains of unique with 225 grn semi wadcutters. In the . 357 caliber or largerwith an . 303 Brit. 44 Contender loads that will get you 1800fps. 45 colt loaded with 8 grains of Unique and a 250 grain bullet still will blow thru a whitetail deer. Aug 12 2020 I just purchased a 5 1 2 quot Bisley Blackhawk in . 44 Mag. While shots should still be limited to ranges maxing out at around 100 yards the small bullet just sheds too much energy beyond that range hunters can now feel confident in taking their rifles afield during deer season. The R92 has a strong action capable of handling any sane loads. 45 cal. Some like the Cor Bon Buffalo etc are like . The top 3 debates seem to start with the name or proper nomenclature is it 45 Colt or . Can you recommend ammunition or loads Is it an nbsp I have just purchase a Rossi M92 with a 20 quot octogon barrel and chambered in 45 Colt. 454 Casull. 45 Colt Ammo . pump guns as anything else. Remington ammunition is the unquestioned leader all other manufacturers must follow. Linotype pistol bullets can be shot faster than HT. 24 May 2009 . 41 Magnum cartridges credited by Roy G. 603 quot heavy crimp into canalure 1536 fps 1. 45 colt ACP will the Redhawk handle those same high pressure loads. Well For the most of the 45 plus years of shooting the 45 colt i used the 454424 with 8 5 gr of Unique. 19 May 2011 I 39 m going to be shooting these 45 Colt loads out of a ruger super redhawk and a I know only a purest use cast lead bullets for deer hunting. 14 000psi A RUGER . These are all estimates however as many factors influence top velocity load performance. vs. That load evolved into a 230 grain bullet moving at 850 fps. 44 Russian . This probably started when The Grand Old Man of the Shooting game Elmer Keith made this statement in his excellent book quot Sixguns. 45 Colt was the magnum of its era. If a . I want that young hunter to KILL his first deer. Anyone do Oct 15 2019 I have killed several deer with the 45 colt in a TC Contender w 10 inch barrel. I have fired . Weapon restrictions for deer hunting with a rilfe in an Any Weapon hunt are must weight under 16lbs can not be fully automatic can not be a rimfire. Remington R1 10mm Hunter. When loaded to maximum velocities this bullet is excellent for hunting up to large size varmints and it is a very effective self defense round. Dec 21 2018 Western Powders Choices. quot quot While shooting a 300 gr 45 90 rifle bullet in my . 357 Magnum is much higher pressure and is still safe in a toggle link rifle but because of frame stretching issues only the steel framed 1873 is chambered in it not the brass framed 1866. 45 long colts custom loaded rival the ballistics of a . Oct 27 2011 Page 2 . Lyman has a 255 grain . 547. 45 colt with hot loads and yes it is a thumper. That does not make it a good idea for most conditions. Various calibers. 45 colt best loads for 45 colt best powder for 45 colt best powder for 45 colt loads good 45 long colt loads using trail boss and 250 gr lead rn bullets most accurate 45 colt While the latest developments in hunting handgun technology namely the gargantuan . It depends on if you have some hot rod hand load that pushes the rifles limits but any off the shelf hunting round has a very minimal kick. Oct 25 2010 007 and sgaredneck are right the 45LC is a great hunting round for deer when using heavy loads. 45 ACP Pistols to Use on Your Next Whitetail Hunt Hunting deer with a handgun where you set a limit to 25 yards or less means you have to hone your stealth as much as your shot. for these small diameter shallow land barrels the approach must be different. 45 Colt and it was love at first sight. I have just got me an 1894 as well but mine in 357 mag. It is a plain no nonsense rifle with no frills which should make it a good truck or saddle gun. I use H110 for the 44 Mag with 300gr jacketed bullets For the 45 Colt in Rugers Hodgdon lists H110 H4227 and Lil 39 gun all max loads listed are right at the 1200fps from a 7. 45 ACP . Email Address. The load calls for 35 grains of Pyrodex P with an LP primer using a 250 grain Lyman 452664 bullet for 915 fps out of a 7. After that I would have to rank the Ranch Dog 460 425GC and the BRP 462 465GC as second best for my needs Oct 7 2017 Explore barefieldm 39 s board quot 45 Long Colt Lever Action quot on Pinterest. 41 caliber but Sierra makes a nice 170 grain HP that I have used on various occasions with good results. The above group is from the Winchester PDX and it shot into a hair over 2 inches The 45 Colt may require special attention when sizing cases during reloading due to a slight difference in bullet diameters. Recommended for hunting deer. Winchester 45 Colt 225 gr JHP and 410 GA 2. but I do prefer the 45 colt as it seems to have the power the 44 mag lacks at 100 yards plus. 45 Colts have preferred 2400 1150 1200 fps with the 250 XTP or Speer 260. Used to load a 325 LBT style cast over a full charge of 296 in the . This load gives deeper penetration and is the hunting load we selected for our . Heavier handloads will take the same range of big game animals as the . Mag. 80 caliber and should punch right through any deer with a broadside shot that s great in the . Jun 25 2016 Recently aquired a henry BB in 45 Colt. When you start getting down to the 680fps or so cowboy type loads that just go quot poop quot when fired from a rifle I 39 d start to reconsider. 600 Nitro calibers. 0 grains of the same powder raises the muzzle velocity to 1 537 fps while increasing the group size slightly to 1 3 4 still resulting in a good deer hunting load. Aug 22 2020 I have hit deer with factory 44 mag loads and 06 rifle loads and had them run a good distance. However rules limit velocity. 45 Colt has long been a popular revolver nbsp It should be noted that 45 Colt 39 s usually shoot bullets approximately . I had fully planned on using my Rossi 92 with a 24 octagon barrel for blackmail deer hunting in the thick timber of Oregon. He loaded them in his Ruger Bisley . At 13 yards I fired. 44 Magnum or . 480 Ruger cartridges. 0 grains of 2400 again in balloon head cases. Sure you can get 6 or 7 shot target loads for down around . For milder loads I use 9. I had a Vequero a long time ago and traded it for something else nbsp 24 Nov 2018 45 Colt deer load 73 Winchester. 45 Colt has been with us for 143 years it remains a at home at a Cowboy Action Shoot as it is in the hunting fields. I would like enough energy to deer hunt with but not worry too much with leading. I killed averthing from rabbits to deer and hog and many a rattlesnake. It features up to 40 more energy and 250 fps faster than traditional flat point loads. 45 Colt Rifle Data Lyman Reloading Handbook 49th Edition reloading data with 132 loads. Lot depends on how you are hunting and and the expected shot. Sep 21 2011 A . com I was trying to pass a brand x lever action rifle on to the daughter. The optic the caliber the trigger and the ability to use a suppressor makes this a mighty powerful hunting and wilderness defense handgun. 222 Remington Load Data 223 Remington Load Data 5. 565 . Sep 19 2017 Although the modified Old Army is a more powerful and reliable hunting handgun than the Colt Walker it is not a . 44 Magnum and . 23 000psi That is quot P quot for . 45 Long Colt Ruger Blackhawk. 44 Special or . For the Elk I may use Belt Mountain solid brass bullets so if anyone has any information on this it would be greatly appreciated. So unless Steve is making it up according to the last line of his post gt DeepCurl handgun bullets can use data from the Speer Reloading Manual 14. 45 Long Colt when fired from a rifle is a perfectly adequate cartridge for medium game up to largish mile deer within 100m or so. 45 load. 5 inch barrel in . The cases eject easily and I get 1 050 FPS out of my 4 quot gun 50 100 fps more out of my longer barreled guns depending on the exact length. 45 Redhawk for a bit. This ammunition has been used to take all North American game and many African species including wildebeest zebra eland warthog nyala sable gemsbok lion and leopard Having developed a good load I was determined to try it out during the coming deer season. I don 39 t think you can go wrong with any of the Corbon or Buffalo Bore loads as long as you pick a hunting load and not defense load. Shop our wide selection of . 22 . Lighter than that you could get hangfires or a stuck bullet. Cowboy Action Shooting is a competition that has rules. Keith with correct throats the old 45 Colt will shoot about any load well. MEDIUM CAST HP GC 1 500 fps 20 Round Box. 38 Special are all fairly low pressure cartridges and the toggle link system is plenty strong enough for any SAAMI spec loads. 45 Colt load was often used. 45 ACP ammo must be used with moon clips and 45 Auto Rim ammunition will not work. The original loading for the 45 Colt was a 250 55 gr lead bullet with 40 grs Black Powder and out of a 7 1 2 quot barrel would do 900 to 1000 fps and was one if not the most powerful pistol until the mags game along. I have some 250 XTP loads made with 17 18 19 and 20 grains of 2400. Furthermore the muzzle energy of a . We have a great supply of . Bear in mind most other brands of revolvers other than Ruger in . 45 Colt works hard to get a 250gr bullet up to 850fps. 45 Colt loads can be loaded to pressures as high as 25 000 CUP. 45 Colt . Guns and Hunting 11 replies What makes a Colt Python so unique Guns and Hunting 17 replies Glock The Colt 45 of the 20th Century Guns and Hunting 92 replies Colt has resumed production of the Colt Mustang . 45 ACP load for Deer Hunting Ammo Can Advertise Here Hunting with the 44 Mag or the 45 Colt shooting 240 250 grain slugs at 900 to 1 000fps is more than However you must remember that it was designed as an intermediate cartridge. Deer Hunting. Aug 01 2017 If we are visiting known bear country the handgun is normally a . And leave a big hole. Jan 08 2017 Not surprised at the . This is a discussion on 45 Long colt loads within the Reloading forums part of the Gunner Forum category Hello all Been looking all over for data for 275g hard cast Keith style SWC bullets for the . For woods hunting deer even today I d just as soon have one of the old . It would be great to have one load that will work in both the BH and the colts. 2 inch 5. Jacketed Hollow Point 1 100 fps M. 45 Super Mag . 44 Magnum load range. 460 S amp W and the . 30 30 Winchester . Got a proven 45 Colt deer hunting load you 39 d like to share Join DeerLoads. XTP 24 gr. Shopping Cart. Thanks. 45 Colt or as misnamed . A . P JSP Ammo on their web site I was going to get a box for deer season this fall but in the description is states. Mar 05 2011 Can the LC be used for deer hunting in Indiana in both pistol and rifle I have checked numerous sites and am continuing to do so but the data is confusing. Standard Pressure Heavy . I have jacketed hollow points that at the muzzle are going just under 1000fps. 45 COLT P DEER GRENADE 260 gr. Cor Bon Double Tap and Buffalo Bore are just a few of the companies that offer high performance loads in this great caliber. Shop Now. 44 Magnum 431244GC. Killed Deer with it and would shoot some quit long ranges. These loads are safe in all Ruger revolvers TC Contender Colt Anaconda BFR revolvers and Freedom Arms firearms. I believe along with the . 357 . 45 Colt became quite a handgun hunting round. For comparison the above . 5 quot 4 shots 50 meters 22 000 psi That is the same load I use in my Urberti Cattleman 1873 Colt Clone. being the most Even standard . 44 Mag load on small medium wild pigs too. Oct 08 2019 There are lots of handgun options on the market for deer hunters from single shot pistols in rifle calibers to a revolver that 39 s been around for almost 60 years. 2400 per the Hodgdon Manuals if you 39 re using a strong Ruger T C or FA. 45 Colt ammo loaded to nbsp Thirty thirty ammo is less costly than a lot of the higher powered 45 colt ammo and easier to find. 500 S amp W m ay dwarf both the . 45 Colt and a 290 truncated nose style projectile in a Redhawk . A modern made 92 replica or a Marlin should be safe for Ps but I would not put them in a replica Henry 66 or 73 action. Eligible for . For deer hunting I would go with a book load of something like H110 in the H amp R Handi Rifle. 45 Colt LC Long Colt round averages out to about 500 ft lb. hornady. at 800 Aug 01 2018 Current production Ruger Redhawk revolvers are chambered in . 45 Colt ammo. 45LC as approved for pistol hunting in Indiana as well as the . This load will shoot lengthwise of antelope and mule deer at 100 yards. 45 Colt reaches a factor of 14. It s topped with a 4 MOA JPoint sight and shoots a Hornady 250 XTP over 20. More than likely after the DNR has their say it will be limited to . It was the creation of John M. 45 Colt deer hunting load. Though not the Colt SA w 7 1 2 but a S amp W DA 25 5 in w 8 3 8 using off the rack . The 452423 was originally made for the . 45 Colt SAA with 35 grains of black. It 39 s a great cartridge but it 39 s no more uniquely suited to shooting elephants than the 7x57 . The only quot old quot lever gun in 45 colt I know of was a Winchester model 1892 that was made for the Mexican government. 45 Long Colt ammo in stock Hornady 39 s FTX LEVERevolution line is a custom grade ammunition that will deliver dramatically flatter trajectories for downrange energy increases and greater terminal performance. Jun 08 2020 I load my 45 colt to 22 000 psi and with the right powder and bullet it does the job as does the 44 mag . Dec 27 2013 Anyone have experience using . For the 7. Jun 01 2018 It is true the . 45 ACP right was developed at the request of the U. com Now and start adding your best and proven deer hunting loads. 45 Schofield loads. 25 inch barrel. 0 gr of 2400 are my main 45 Colt loads Jul 31 2019 When 45 Colt carbines rifles first became popular and it really hasn t been that long ago . My opinion is based off the posts I made in 2016 in 45 Colt 7 1 2 Ruger black Hawks. Corbon loads the all copper 123 grain DPX bullet in a 7. The better hunting loads for this caliber are not hard as a rock but somewhat nbsp 5 Jun 2013 What would be a good factory load for deer hunting with my Blackhawk . 454 Casull or go with hot . They also have a . Oct 09 2013 There has been so much written about the quot weak quot . 75 per round while 30 30 is 0. Jun 26 2013 For deer sized game and wild pigs it s hard to beat the Black Hills Ammunition 300 gr JHP load their 24 gr JHP is almost as good but Cascio likes the slightly heavier 300 gr JHP load for more penetration. Oct 11 2019 . Apr 05 2006 reloading the 45 Colt aka Long Colt with Trail Boss powder I 39 ve owned and shot a Ruger Vaquero in 45 Colt for about 6 years. Marshals could use Federal stores probably the lesser . 62 39 load that is also reported to perform well on deer sized game. Aug 23 2017 . A 300 grain hard cast LBT . You can use a rifle chambered in . 36 000psi There are . My sample is in the 45 Colt chambering and with modern loads can be used for deer pigs and black bear. Available in 45 Long Colt with a ten shot tubular magazine. 45 Colt load for target shooting and light hunting. 56 . 45 Colt loaded with good 250 grain bullets is no slouch on big game. The Blackhawk is available in several calibers 30 carb 357 Mag 41Mag 44 Special and 45 Colt and has barrel options from 4. It is our best all purpose hunting load for those pursuing big game such as deer elk wild boar black bear and grizzly especially when long range shooting is anticipated. 35. Sep 02 2010 I have also taken multiple shots with a . 5 55 it is a VERY quick killer with fast expanding bullets accuracy is the best of any rifle I have ever shot consistently under 1 4 MOA in a 6. 45 Colt A . In my experience any handgun round is marginal at best. 45 Colt can be loaded down to soft shooting cowboy loads for folks who hunt deer and bear in the thickly forested Northeast as I do. The Lee TL 452 230 TC. 44 Rem. Even for hunting I get a bigger hard on knowing the gun is still obeying this requirement. 45 Colt Ammo. 45 Colt . I actually went up to 21. Rate this post nbsp Winchester Ammunition manufactures ammo for all shooting activities hunting ammo shooting target ammo and personal defense ammo. 45 Colt Ballistics Chart to determine the specific flights of your . 45 Colt load for target shooting and light hunting. You mention P loads so you shouldnt worry Shop our wide selection of . 45 caliber round ball would work on deer especially on broadside shots. Since a non FFL 6 cannot sell remanufactured ammo you cannot pay your buddy but buy him a set of . 45 Long Colt but have shot deer. 45 Long Colt round itself is one of the most versatile handgun cartridges on the market. For a more detailed discussion on . He is now a believer in hollow point bullets in the nbsp 6 Mar 2015 The popular Taurus Public Defender is a versatile . This is an excellent hunting area abounding with deer elk mountain lion grizzly and black bear turkeys and grouse. Sep 15 2018 Lyman book loads for this weight cast bullet in 45 Colt are applicable and are formidable hunting loads. I had worked up some fairly hot loads for taking deer out to 100 yards but decided instead to try Hornady Leverevolution. See more ideas about Lever action Colt Lever action rifles. 45 Colt 225 gr FTX LEVERevolution Item 92792 20 Box US Patent 8 161 885 8 413 587 7 380 502. 5lbs rifle it is If hunting with a handgun hunters are required to use a 5 inch minimum length barrel using straight walled cartridges such as the . I am talking 250 gr. Best Deer Hunting Loads for 45 Colt. Cowboy Action 45 S amp W Schofield The . 452 200 gr. 45 colt black powder loads I hunt with a Blackhawk now and use hot loads that I add a bit of red paint to so I don 39 t feed them to my colt repro 39 s. He quot wrote the book quot so to speak on Ruger Only 45 Colt loads. 45 ACP when the latter is fired from Colt and S amp W revolvers. 2012 Bob Skinner Memorial Youth Deer Hunt. 410 Defense Disc loads. 5 quot BBL. The 45 colt with a 16 quot barrel is a very handy carbine but probably a better choice for those who reload their own. 45 Colt 16. Dec 18 2016 The 45 Colt is the foundation of many debates occurring daily on the internet and in gun shops around the world. 44 Magnum Jul 10 2017 Cost of . My boys have taken around 6 antelope and 5 mule deer with their . 44 Remington Magnum is capable of 1400fps with a 240gr bullet. 56 45 NATO Load Data 222 Remington Magnum Load Data 22 PPC USA Load Data 225 Winchester Load Data 22 BR Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data 220 Swift Load Data 223 Win Super Short Magnum WSSM Load Data 6mm PPC USA Load Data 6mm The world 39 s largest selection of LBT Design hand cast heat treated wide meplat bullets available. 357. When loaded to Ruger Blackhawk pressures 25 000 30 000 psi the . Hunters sometimes also use . Original load generated between 950 and 1050 fps with a 250 gr. Note that the quot Ruger New Vaquero quot uses a smaller frame and cylinder. Jump to Latest Follow 1 6 of 6 Posts. The 45 Colt is super for deer when loaded to it 39 s original power level around 1000fps 255gr from a 7. Nov 26 2012 Buffalo Bore designed this . Tin helps the pour fill out in the mold but it also helps the boolit to be tough and stay together when it hits bone. 45 Colt within the Lever Action forums part of the Gun Forum category As we all know powders like H110 Li 39 l Gun W296 and such are pretty much non existant right now and data for 300 MP in the Choose the 45 Colt Pistol Brass that 39 s right for YOU. Gotta say it was enough to make me shy away from the 45 ACP as a DEER gun much less for personal defense or for bears. 45 Colt gas checked bullet 454490GC that was designed by Ray Thompson who also brought forth the . 45 Colt will take deer easily they are thin skinned and easy to kill. Combining the finest components with game changing innovation Remington engineers are moving closer to perfection round by round. 5 inch barrel and approaches 1150 fps I use the 250 XTP in 45 Colt and the 240 XTP Mag in 454 Casull . of 800 nbsp 22 Jan 2016 My standard deer load is a 250 255 grain semiwadcutter cast from Lyman 2 alloy I 39 d surely not want that 225gr for hunting moose and bear in Alaska. Jump to Latest By the way I only took shots of opportunity that wouldn 39 t interfere with my rifle hunting. 36 000psi 14 quot barrels Bear in mind most other brands of revolvers other than Ruger in . I must confess however that I long ago settled on the BBC 250 grain RNFP with 11. com or by phone at 800. 45 Colt factory duplication load. 45 ACP with 2. 45 Long Colt 45 Colt is better than 44 Magnum especially if reloading and last but not least should 45 Colt be used for hunting. 357 Magnum bullets travel 1. 270 or . Historically it was never chambered in rifles. Normally I would buy and try both but at 40 shipping for a box of 20 that isn 39 t an option. 45 ACP aka . 45 Schofield there were lighter versions of the . Feb 07 2016 For me a hot loaded . 45 Colt loads used only 28 to 30 grains of black powder and were really . 45 COLT dies a couple goodies for his shop and a nice dinner and you can probably talk someone into loading a dozen boxes or so for you. 45 Colt are likely to be based on revolver barrel length. As for all pistols one type of ammunition are available 1 Description 2 Color Variants 3 Gallery 4 Comparison to other pistols This sleek modern revolver is the ideal companion for hunters looking for versatility at short Aug 24 2015 I recently received a Rossi R92 rifle in . Not to mention black bears elk hogs and small game. 44 Magnum for all The 250 XTP over 20. 44 Russian Cowboy Action 44 S amp W Special Cowboy Action 44 40 Win. 45 70 is about 1. Finally a weak . Although it will kill deer at very short range the . My dwindling stash of Alaska Backpacker 200 grain LBT s produced 1430 fps. 45 70 Government to the . This bullet was pushed by IMR 4227 and is a p load and is not recommended for older Colt style revolvers but I have used this load in Ruger Blackhawk guns with no problems. 30 06 that will leave enough of a small animal intact to eat is a far trickier affair than loading a small game round for the . as a side note loaded with a full packed case Oct 02 2015 With modern loads the . Speer 13 shows a minimum of 18. Similar laws have been passed over the past couple years in big deer hunting states like Pennsylvania. 45 Colt. Just the same the big 250 to 260 grain bullet got the job done. The bullets are supposed to be around 18 BHN no gas checks. 25 20 Winchester . 45 G. All the factory loads are either too lame or they are too hot. 56 45 NATO Load Data 222 Remington Magnum Load Data 22 PPC USA Load Data 225 Winchester Load Data 22 BR Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Load Data 22 250 Remington Ackley Improved Load Data 220 Swift Load Data 223 Win Super Short Magnum WSSM Load Data 6mm PPC USA Load Data 6mm Nov 16 2016 Henry Big Boy Brass 45 Long Colt for Hunting Deer amp Delaying Evil Major Van Harl USAF Ret. 45 Colt also. Then you shoot him in the back of the head and steal his wallet. This is for my new production Winchester model 1892 Miroku carbine. The 240 grain 8820 bullet has a cannelure for roll crimping and it may be loaded into 45 Colt cartridges to be used in rifles with tubular magazines. 410 bore Aug 23 2018 Lastly this could be an excellent hunting or bear country pistol. 45 Colt cartridge remains in use 140 years after its introduction. 70 per round. 45 Colt load available. 25 quot barrel Winchester 94 Ranger with open sights 250 gr. I need advice on a load for a Ruger New Vaquero 45 Colt. I use 70 gr. For a . 0 grains of 296 for this load with no signs of overpressure. 45 Super. 45 Colt 11. 45 Colt Ballistic Tip or our . Pointed Flat point bullet at 900 950 fps was the load that built the . 45 Colt round. 44 40 and . 454 black powder 45 Colt with a 250gr bullet will usually shoot thru a broadside deer. Nov 14 2014 Wow does it shoot For hunting deer I use 80 gr. 5 grains without pressure signs. . 45 ACP is the All American pistol cartridge. There aren 39 t any 45 Colt also know as 45 long colt factory rounds that Yea man if someone build you the right loads for deer hunting you nbsp 31 May 2017 http www. 357 Mag. A favorite deer load for my Blackhawks is the Keith HP Lyman 454424 HP loaded over 26. Nov 21 2012 The Hornaday xtp is a great bullet if you are going to reload and want jacketed hunting rounds for thin skinned game. In the 454 I always use H110 . Deer Donations . 9mm Luger. Deer EHD bTB and CWD Diseases. 45 Colt s long range ability. My choices are the standard pressure but heavy loaded 255 grain SWC loads. Most can handle powerful P ammunition and are great for hunting deer in heavy brush. I can t tell a nickel s worth of difference on deer sized game. 80 Lower Receivers Frames Receiver Blanks Receiver Flats and Short Chambered Barrels may only be returned in new unmodified condition. It seems like the nbsp 25 Jul 2014 Hello all I have a . Feb 10 2014 A standard . One site lists the . 45 ACP in 1904 05 it pushed a 200 grain bullet to 900 fps. 480 Ruger. Things don 39 t go exactly as planned. AMMUNITION. By that standard a good heavy power . Finally we have modern P P and . 38 Special with a 158 grain bullet at 800 fps. Seriously why would anyone want to to kill an animal with a marginal caliber weapon except for bragging rights. Apr 11 2017 Hunting caliber selection for handguns is dictated by state regulations but for whitetail hunting the mini mum is generally considered to be the . They work really well on any size feral dogs or good sized yotes. Menu. This bevel base tumble lube design is easy to get shooting well in 45 colt with a wide variety of powders and loads. These new premium bullets have changed how we look at the . Photo by K. Want to kill deer Shop online For 45 Long Colt pistols and revolvers from top brands like Beretta Bond Arms Colt Ruger and many more. I don 39 t have reloading nbsp 24 Nov 2011 I pistol hunt with a Ruger Blackhawk . There are quite a few variation available that are designed to expand at handgun velocities. The Colt averaged 1240 fps with this load. 0 grains of Unique for just under 1 200 fps and a 2 group. With deep dependable penetration and rapid double diameter expansion make the XPB bullets ideal for hunting. Never shot an Elk with a . It is part of the DLC quot Weapon pack 2 quot . After looking at the Lee . 45 Colt loads with a 165 grain bullet at 650 fps. Pistol Hunters do well with 44 39 s and 45 39 s They rarely use . Using 250 grain Hornady HP XTP. 45 Long Colt ammo today is in Cowboy Action Shooting. 33 caliber or Jul 27 2020 Also have a stainless Rossi in . 410 but comparing it alongside a 45 410 there is not much difference. One that is suitable for use in an Anaconda. I use 80 gr. 45 colt deer hunting loads

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